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If you wish to discover which tribe is 'yours', consider the characteristics and habits of each tribe. Make yourself a chart headed with tribe names. Give up to 3 points to each tribe for a characteristic or habit you admire, the number of points depending on how strongly you feel. Take away up to 3 points for a characteristic or habit you do not admire. At the end, the tribe with the highest number of points is probably the tribe with which you have a natural bond.

Remember, however, that you cannot fully rely on this simple method. If you feel disappointed by the results of your test, because you are strongly drawn to a tribe that did not gain the most points, or if you find that 2 or more tribes score an equal number of points, put your chart aside and choose with your heart. Listen to your instincts.


Reliable, Thoughtful, Determined, Serious, Spiritual

Kind, Good-Natured, Slow to Anger, Good Sense of Humour, Enjoy Games

Serious, Formal, Cautious, Far-Seeing, Prefer Planning to Impulsive Action

:bulletblue:Lapis Lazuli:bulletblue:
Quick-Witted, Impulsive, Curious, Amusing, Easily Bored, Enjoy Songs and Risk-Taking

Stern, Strong, Proud, Warlike, Rigidly Honourable, Utterly Dependable, Little or No Sense of Humour

Wise, Truthful, Philosophical, Responsible, Enjoy Intelligent Discussion and Poetry

Aggressive and Ruthless when Dealing with Enemies, Supremely Loyal and Generous to Friends, Superstitious, Great Respecters of Tradition
(c) Secrets of Deltora, Emily Rodda
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thanks for uploading this, jack. i almost had to walk two steps to my book shelf to get my copy of the book. :D
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